Acupressure Mats for Stress Relieve and Relaxation


Acupressure mats enhance relaxation and pain relief, giving you the luxury of experiencing a high level of relaxation at home

While on the mat you get a feeling that you are lying on spikes but this feeling aids chronic back pain, soothe sore muscles, and relieves tension.

It is often recommended to stay on the mat for at least 15 minutes in a day. At first, you might experience pain but as it subsides your body would begin to lose tension and you would begin to feel more relaxed.

You can also adjust the level of your treatment by opting to use the mat against bare skin (for a stronger effect) or reduce the intensity by adding a lightweight fabric layer between your skin and the mat.

Acupressure mats would not put an end to your pain but would relieve it to an extent.

Acupressure mats are one way you can try acupressure or warm up to acupuncture without committing to having to deal with real needles. They’re inexpensive, you can order them online and you don’t need anyone else to help you insert needles like in acupuncture, making it appropriate for social distancing and easy to do at home.

But before you try acupressure mats, you’ll have to get used to the idea of lying on a mat of small spikes. Those spikes look intimidating but are less painful than they seem. If you’re still with me, keep reading to find out more about how the mats work, if there is any solid evidence on the benefits, plus how to use them.

How do they work?

Acupressure mats are meant to work similarly to acupuncture, which is supposed to help balance the body, relieve pain, stress, and more.

“If acupuncture is ‘puncturing’ pressure points with fine needles, then acupressure is applying pressure non-invasively. Acupressure restores balance to the body’s energy flow (qi) by manipulating the body’s meridians. Stimulating energy, vitality, and a sense of well-being in the body.

Acupressure mats kind of look like short yoga mats that have plastic spikes covering the surface that is designed to apply pressure at points throughout your body. Some of them also include a pillow that allows you to apply pressure to your neck as you lie on the mat. And that’s exactly how they work — you simply lie on the mat for about 20-30 minutes for each acupressure session.

How to Use

Acupressure mats can take some getting used to. The spikes are sharp and can cause discomfort or pain for several minutes before they start to warm up the body and feel good.

To get maximum results, use the mat each day for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Remember to breathe and practice consciously relaxing your body.

  • Choose the surface to put it on. Beginners often use the mat spread out on a bed or sofa. Intermediate and experienced users may move their mats onto the floor.
  • Try sitting on it. You can also sit on or against the mat in a chair so that your butt and lower back have direct contact.
  • Start out with a layer between yourself and the mat. Wearing a light shirt or placing a thin fabric over the spikes may help you acclimate to the feeling of the mat. Users report that they get the best results when the mat is in contact with their bare skin, but don’t feel the need to go shirt-off right away.
  • Lie down slowly. Lie down with your weight evenly distributed on the mat. This will help you avoid injury from the points.
  • Reposition yourself carefully. Don’t fidget or move around on the mat, as you may more readily pierce or scratch your skin that way.
  • Use consistently. Mats take getting used to, but really seem to work for many people. If this product appeals to you, stick with it and give it time to work.

*Please do not use mat if you have an injury

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